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If you perform the video taping of my lectures, I would be grateful if you provide me with the copies of the material you film. I shall then put these videos to this website.

St.Petersburg Municipal Economy - Lecture 1

TRANSCOM-2009: State Budgets of Russia and Germany - a comparative analysis (11 min 4 sec)
Power Point Slides(1,84Mb|June 7th,2009)

"The Applied Macroeconomics and The Economic Policy" Masters' Program Advertisement (10 min 41 sec, March 21st, 2011)

Prof. Lyakin Alexander Nikolayevitch - The Pension Reform from the viewpoint of the economic theory (56 min)

How to publish your scientific works (3 min 47 sec)
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U.N. Human Development Index Video (1 min 18 sec)

What to expect on Anton B. Lebedev's Exam or Test Day (44 sec)

MyPokerShop interview: The Small Business Practices in The Modern Russia (34 min 23 sec)

Report on the crisis by Prof. Lyakin Alexander Nikolayevitch - "The Monetary Policy and The Stability of The National Economy" (11 min 13 sec, November 13th, 2009)

Lecture on the crisis by Russia's Minister of Finance Alexey L. Kudrin at the Faculty of Economics of the St.Petersburg State University (65 min 34 sec, May 15th, 2010)
Short PowerPoint digest(0,21Мb|August 1st,2010)

"Vesty" channel video about the stockbrokering monkey (2 min 39 sec, January 12th, 2010)
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"The Economic Policy" Bachelors' Program Advertisement (8 min 20 sec, January 12th, 2011)

The Market Of The Imperfect Competition (5 min 17 sec, February 16th, 2011)
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Two And A Half Men - What A Lovely Landing Strip Episode Stills

Excellent example of The Law Of The Supply from the "Two And A Half Men" show - "What A Lovely Landing Strip" episode starting at the 3rd minute till the 4th minute, December 5th, 2011. Unfortunately the CBS keeps changing the address, so you have to manually look for the show in the drop-down menu. I can not post the video here because I do not have the copyright to do so, and CBS wold not allow to embed it...

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