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My first programming teacher was Yury V. Sotskov - a lecturer from the St.Petersburg Polytechnical University, who led the extra-curricilum classes in Informatics at the highschool #517. He was instrumental not only in instigating my interest to the computer technologies by giving us captivating lectures in the subject history, but also in laying a solid foundation in algorithmization, as well as the basics of BASIC and FORTRAN languages.

My dad, Associate Prof. Boris M.Lebedev bought me my first 8088 XT in 1995, and my good friend Yury Aldoshkin – now a successfull IT-specialist – has helped me to carry that heavy two-piece home, walking several miles in very slippery and cold weather. Another good friend of mine, Michael V. Sokolov, was very helpful in developing my PASCAL and animation skills.

My first personal website was based on the WikiPad engine by the Cherry Design Company. I was able to create it following the two introductory lectures by the senior lecturer of the Department of the Information Systems in Economics Alexander N. Poroshin, that were the part of the Faculty's professional development program in the Spring of 2008. Mr.Poroshin's online conduits were also really very helpful. He also took care of the hosting arrangements for me.

The total time that I have spent creating that first website amounted to 9 hours. (One has to take into consideration the fact, that the uploaded materials had to undergo a certain accommodation process, that included the elimination of the test quizes from the PowerPoints, file size reduction, etc).

That WikiPad-based website served me well over 3 years. The time has been passing by, and although I have greatly enjoyed the simplicity and robustness of the Cherry-Design engine, finally I have felt the urge to go beyond the Wiki playground and learn the real HTML language. I have Googled the Eugeny Taradayev's online HTML textbook and followed its course. In this process I have been using the Notepad++ HTML editor, which is a powerful free tool. I think, by now I have spent about two or three weeks, daily converting my Wikipad website step-by-step into the real HTML, and also translating it into English. I think, this latter circumstance has added to the overall process a great deal of time. It also took some time to get the website proberly hosted, and to solve the UTF-8 coding problem. Finally I have stumbled upon the company, that has provided me with the free 250Mb of space and the nice short domain name. The only problem so far was my inclusion in the SURBL spammers list – apparently because someone has been sending spam from the node.

My good friend Boris Veselov has developed a new website design for me, and I have converted the old pages into new ones. The slimmed-down old version started to serve as a "mobile" version.

After I was finished with the new design, I started looking for a decent tool to study PHP. This took a while. There is indeed a plenty of online textbooks etc., but most of them are difficult to grasp, and are of poor quality. Finally I have located the tutorial that was good for me. After three or four weeks of studying it I have realized I have reasons to implement my new knowledge in converting the HTML website into more efficient PHP-based one. The conversion process has started on January 7th, 2012 and is expected to go on for several weeks.

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