Please pay attention:

  1. The files presented here were initially created in OpenOffice, but since 2008 I have migrated to Microsot software because it's more functional and more compatible. Correspondingly I recommend Microsoft Office 2007 for the seamless opening of the files. Unfortunately currently I do not guarantee the compatibilty with the OpenOffice and the older MSO versions.
  2. If you have problems while using my files in the older MS Office versions, you may want to try installing the special convertor for MS Office 2007 files.
  3. The files are stored on the server in the form of ZIP archives. If you system lacks the built-in ZIP extractor, I recommend to try extracting the files using the 7Zip program.7Zip relies on your donations to continue to exist. In order to extract files in Windows Vista or Windows 7 click the downloaded file with the right button and choose "Extract All" from the menu.
  4. If you have never been my student, or if you are going to use the materials from this website in any way except simple viewing them on your home computer, please contact me to obtain my permission.

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