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Last updated: November 29th, 2011.

Microeconomics Section

These PowerPoints (excluding the so called "additional" slides) were created by professor Alexander Nikolayevitch Lyakin (Department of Economic Theory and Economic Policy of the Economic Faculty of the St.Petersburg State University). Materials are used with the author's permission.

  1. Introductory information, foundations of the economic science, economic system types(0,33Mb|May 11th,2011)
  2. The Market(0,29Mb|March 7th,2011)
  3. Consumer Behaviour(0,17Мb|September 9th,2009)
  4. The Firm, The Production Process, The Costs(0,23Мb|November 29th,2011)
  5. The Equilibrium of the firm, The Monopoly(0,33Мb|September 27th,2010)
  6. The Markets of the Factors of Production(0,44Мb|November 13th,2010)

Macroeconomics Section

  1. The subject and the methods of the macroanalysis(0,49Mb|May 3rd,2011)
  2. Macroeconomic Equilibrium, AD-AS(0,63Mb|March 8th,2011)
  3. Labour Market, Unemployment(0,54Мb|February 23rd,2011)
  4. Money Market, Banking System(0,43Мb|August 30th,2010)
  5. Stock Market(0,79Мb|January 13th,2011), video material.
  6. Financial System, Financial Policy(0,76Мb|September 15th,2010)
  7. Social Policy - additional material+Social Policy - additional material 2
  8. Economic Unstability of the National Economy(1,14Mb|January 5th,2011)
  9. Economic Growth(0,66Мb|December 8th,2010)
  10. International Economy(0,44Мb|December 8th,2010)
  11. Prof. A.N.Lyakin's report concerning the crisis, the financial system and the economic unstability "Monetary policy and the stability of the national economy"(11 min 13 sec|November 13th,2009)
  12. Russia's Finance minister A.L.Kudrin's lecture at the Faculty of Economics of the SPbGU concerning the crisis, monetary and fiscal policy (65 min 34 sec|May 15th,2010)

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