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Scientific works by Anton B. Lebedev

Last updated: November 16th, 2011.

  1. 2001 - Diploma Work "Electronic Commerce"(0,73Mb)
  2. 2004 - "Peculiarities of the small business' financing"(1,94Mb)
  3. 2004 - Dissertation "State support of the small business (a comparative analysis)"(0,26Мb)
  4. 2006 - "Industry of Russia: present-day tendencies"(1,56)
  5. 2008 - "Economic Freedom: Criteria of Assessment and the Russian Dynamic"(0,05Мb)
  6. 2008 - "Regarding the possible approach to the measurement of the comparative volatility level of the regional population's disposable incomes" (together with Sokolov M.V.)(0,82Мb|March 28th, 2009)
  7. 2008 - "On the methods of measuring of the inflation" (Tselykovskaya Y.A., Kotsofana T.V., Lebedev A.B.)(0,11Мb|October 18th,2008)
  8. 2009 - "State budgets of Russia and Germany: a comparative analysis"(1,31Мb|July 12th,2009)
  9. 2009 - "On the issue of measuring the volatility of the disposable incomes of the population" (together with Sokolov M.V.)(1,88Мb|July 12th,2009)
  10. 2009 - "Regarding the measurement of the volatility of the monetary income of the population" (together with Sokolov M.V.)(0,23Мb|October 17th,2009)
  11. 2010 - "Global Energy Tendencies"(1,22Мb|November 20th,2010)
  12. 2011 - "Statistical Analysis of Infrastructure of the Russian Federal Districts"(0,50Мb|November 16th,2011)
  13. 2010 - "Statistical Analysis of Russia's Economic Indicators"(1,14Мb|November 16th,2011)

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