Currently there is a restriction regarding the distribution of the Macro-II materials. This is why sometimes only the problems for the seminar are present in this section. Full presentation files in PDF format are provided to the senior student of the group on a CD.

TABLE EXPLANATION: after the break several students remained in class to finish the presidential game and they finally managed to beat the game, superceding the Reagan's result. Because thse winners were strongly against giving the winning scores to those who have left during the break, according to some student's advice I have decided to modify the table's calculation formulas. Those who did not show up for the seminar at all received zeroes, as per regular method. For those who attended the first part of the seminar, but have left the second part, no zeroes were given, and the formulas of the advancement percent were modified in such a way, that would not consider the results of the presidential game. Thus, as I perceive it, the compromise Pareto-effective result was achieved.

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