The local time in the New York City is Thursday, 23 Sep 2021, 16:22 PM. If you have an urgent need to meet me personally, I would recommend you to communicate preliminary by the following e-mail:

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You can also use my same email address in case you have any questions or if you are going to use my materials commercially. Because I receive many junk letters, I recommend you to specify a unique letter theme ("From the student of the Economic faculty the Surname, the Name", "The Economic theory, Law Faculty, Tuesday", etc.). For the same reason it is to the some extent undesirable to use nicknames in the field "From"/"Sender".

If you have never been my student, or if you are going to use the materials from this website in any way except simple viewing them on your home computer, I request you to contact me via the above email address in order to obtain my permission.

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