Anton Lebedev in 2013

This is the personal webpage of Anton B. Lebedev – ex–associate professor of the Department of the Economic Theory and Economic Policy of the Faculty of Economics,St.Petersburg State University. Here is the place where my students can download for free (as per the Constitution of the Russian Federation, P.3, Art.43) the PowerPoints and the PDF give-outs for my lectures, seminars and reports. The score tables are also provided at the relevant pages of this website.

Attention: although I do not charge my students for the access to the information on this website, the traffic and access charges from your Internet–provider may still apply.

As I no longer work for the Faculty, the materials are now seldom updated, the date of the last update is on the top of the page and/or near to the file size information.

If you have never been my student, or if you are going to use the materials from this website in any way except simple viewing them on your home computer, I request you to сontact me in order to obtain my permission.

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